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Työkanava as a partner

Do you have work but no one to do it? We can make enquiries on behalf of your company.

Employees with impaired capacity to work could be an important resource for your company

Are you interested in hiring employees with impaired capacity to work but do not know where to start?

We can help you employ people with impaired capacity to work on the basis of two different models:
• A temp service, where Työkanava hires the employees for its own organisation and provides your organisation with labour
• Subcontracting, where Työkanava performs independently agreed on work tasks using employees with impaired capacity to work

How the process progresses

Mapping the tasks suitable for people with impaired capacity to work

Together with you, Työkanava’s expert will go through the tasks in your organisation that could be suitable for employees with impaired capacity to work. The tasks may not necessarily correspond with the currently open positions within your organisation. Together, we will see if the tasks could be tailored to create sets of suitable size for Työkanava to perform. The mapping looks at factors, such as the difficulty of the work, physical strain, working conditions, whether the work is done individually or as a member of a team, the potential presence of colleagues or customers on the premises, lighting and soundscape. We will also consider what it will take for an employee to perform well in the role. Once suitable tasks have been identified, we will make an offer and sign a cooperation agreement.

Recruiting a person with impaired capacity to work

Työkanava finds employees through the TE services. The requirements agreed on with you regarding the employee’s skills and expertise are conveyed to TE services’ Työkanava coordinators, who will identify suitable professionals in the pool of candidates. Työkanava then hires the employees and supplies your company with the required personnel in accordance with the agreement. The service description provides a more detailed account of the tasks performed by Työkanava’s employee in your company. Työkanava takes care of all of the employer’s costs and obligations (salary payment, including bonuses, holiday remuneration, pension contributions, insurance, etc.). Before the start of the actual work, the employee completes a test shift in order to ensure that the agreed on work is suitable for both the employee and the customer.

Supporting daily work

Työkanava’s experts are involved in the employees’ daily work and help them perform well at work. If necessary, Työkanava’s experts can also support your organisation as required.
Työkanava is committed to the mutually agreed on service level and quality, which are ensured through regular contact. Työkanava’s experts will talk to your personnel on a regular basis to find out how Työkanava’s employees are performing and solve any potential challenges together.

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Let’s find the best cooperation model for your organisation

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