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For employers

Finding the right people for the job – we identify the requirements of the job and bring in the right persons to do it.

Finding the right people for the job

What does Työkanava offer to the employer?

If your company requires professionals, we will help identify the tasks that Työkanava’s employees can fulfil, becoming part of your company’s success. We will train our employees for the tasks and, where necessary, help reshape the work. The employees supplied by Työkanava are employed by Työkanava, and we will take care of the employer’s responsibilities.

Työkanava for the employer

How cooperation with Työkanava works

Työkanava as a partner

Need for employees

If your organisation is looking to hire an employee with impaired capacity to work, Työkanava is just the partner you need.



Työkanava’s expert can go through the available positions in your organisation together with you to identify the tasks suitable for a person with impaired capacity to work.


Työkanava will find suitable employees via TE services and sign a cooperation agreement with you.

Support in daily work

Työkanava’s experts are involved in the employees’ daily work to ensure that they manage their tasks well.

Meet Työkanavas’s experts

How can we help you?

No question is too little or too big. Työkanava’s experts are there to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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