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Strategy and values

Boldness, respect and togetherness.

Responsible and supported employment service and personnel solutions

Työkanava is a new type of personnel service company. We offer responsible and supported employment and personnel solutions. Our goal is to enable companies to tap into a pool of capable and competent workers. We concentrate on making supply meet demand and helping employer customers increase productivity by assigning work tasks to suitable employees. We are boldly carving out our own unique market category on a long-term basis.

The cornerstones of our strategy

Our purpose: We are making Finland a place where work increases well-being – we take joy in each job that we create.
Our value proposition: Finding the right people for the job – we identify the requirements of the job and bring in the right people to do it. We reliably enable growth and productivity.
Our vision – We are pioneers of more rewarding work.

Our values

Our operations are informed by our values: boldness, respect and togetherness.
We are boldly creating a new category and market with a pioneering spirit. We reshape conventional work in a new way.
We respect everyone’s know-how and potential and believe in the room for growth in each person. We work as a team and together with our partners.
Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.

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