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Työkanava as an employer

Support and guidance for daily work. We stand by our employees in their daily work.

Resources for successful daily work

Our task is to enable you to work smoothly and succeed at your job. We are a safe employer. We value your abilities and provide you with the opportunity to do just the right type of work for a proper salary that is in line with the collective agreements.

Once we have found a job in a customer organisation that is a good fit for you, we will familiarise ourselves with the tasks together with you and provide you with a thorough introduction. If necessary, we will modify the traditional job description to meet your know-how and abilities. You will sign an employment contract with Työkanava, but the work always takes place at the customer organisation.

We will stand by you throughout your employment. Together, we will seek answers to questions and solve any challenges which you may encounter. You can easily get hold of us, if something is occupying your mind. Your designated service supervisor knows you and your needs. As Työkanava’s employee, you receive individual support and guidance to succeed in your tasks.

We believe in our employees’ potential and room for growth. We want to offer all of our employees meaningful and motivating tasks.
Would you like to hear more about working at Työkanava? Please get in touch. Click the link for our contact information.

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